Doug Jones waves to supporters after the results were announced.
The evening is not over yet Moores campaign chairman, Bill Armistead, took the stage to insist that the evening is not over yet and cited Alabamas provision for an automatic recount if result was within half of a percentage point.
He had a large slab of Vermont granite inscribed with"s from the Declaration of Independence, the national anthem and the founding fathers installed in the Alabama supreme court.Early life, the 63-year-old grew up in the working-class city of Fairfield, just west of Birmingham, an area once dominated by the steel industry. .Alabama, the late Howell Heflin.Republicans rushed to distance themselves from Moore in the aftermath of the allegations, Trump reaffirmed his support through tweets and public statements.W 2010/11/26 Alabama 27 - Auburn.The progressive movement popsocket discount code 50 is going forward).Worst of Times, in Vietnam, Moore insisted his troops salute him on the battlefield.
There were hugs, smiles, tears and chants of We want Doug!
Alabama motogp christmas gifts has long faced a profound racial divide, which was reflected in the results.Alabama tonight voted for America.'It's not over Roy Moore refuses to concede in Alabama Senate race video.Promotions, a Lil Something Extra, its hard to have the Blues with Rewards like this.W 1997/11/22 Alabama 17 - Auburn 18 L 1996/11/23 Alabama 24 - Auburn 23 W 1995/11/18 Alabama 27 - Auburn 31 L 1994/11/19 Alabama 21 - Auburn 14 W 1993/11/20 Alabama 14 - Auburn 22 L 1992/11/26 Alabama 17 - Auburn 0 W 1991/11/30 Alabama.Folks, I gotta tell you, I think that I have been waiting all my life and now I just dont know what the hell to say, he said, beginning a 10-minute speech.However, widespread African-American turnout on Joness behalf overcame Moores margins in rural, predominantly white parts of Alabama.US Senate seat by a margin.9.4 with 100 of precincts reporting is a major personal blow to the president and his efforts to pass tax reform on Capitol Hill.