The cylindrical shape is a step away from the traditional rectangular tag.
For example if your cat is supposed to stay in the house whole you are at work you can set up alerts for if your cat leaves the house and then schedule that Geo-fence to turn off when you return home.
Weighing in at 150 grams this tracker is a bit of a monster compared to some of the more dainty products we feature on this page.If you have any questions at all about any of the tracker devices listed here or any suggestions as to new trackers which should be added please do leave a comment or get in touch via the contact form and I will be very happy.The TrackR Bravo Review While this tracker has been marketed as more of an all around tracker (for your keys and wallet) it can also be used for tracking your cat.Pod are known innovators in the cat tracking industry as we saw with the Pod.However one problem with Radio Frequency tracking is that the range is limited to around 500m from your receiver box.Our Score 7/10 The Novita Kippy life GPS tracker is a full bells and whistles GPS tracker that does everything you need a tracker to do and far more.It can track the amount of sleep sleep, calories burnt and general activity levels of your cat as well as being able to provide a rough measure of your cats overall health and estimated mood.We would love to see a feature whereby you can turn the camera on from your phone and see what the cat can see live.Measuring.5cm.5cm x 12 cm it is much bigger than most products on the market and it perhaps best attached to your cat via a harness as it may be quite cumbersome if carried around the neck.Apparently it is so small that a pigeon xmas gift ideas mum can wear it and fly with it comfortably, so your cat shouldnt have any problem carrying it around!
The Pod 3 is being marketed as more than just a pet tracker, it can also be used for tracking pretty much anything that you can attach it too.
Pros Cons Very affordable.
Later this year, you can find out more about it on the Tractive site here.This is one of the lighter clip-on cat trackers, with the tags weighing only.2 grams your cat shouldnt be bothered by the additional weight.One of the problems with real time location tracking is that the battery is liable to run out quite quickly however Novita promise that their rechargeable batteries should last up to 20 days, though tests show that 16-17 days is a more realistic battery lifespan for.You can only see where your cat has been when it comes back and you upload the data to your computer.30 discount on future models for all existing users.The Tabcat is a fairly simple system to use which requires very little setup and there is no annual subscription fee to pay as is the case for most GPS tracker devices.Another interesting feature of the Trax phone app is that it allows you to set up speed alerts.The Tracking App (TKStar GPS Tracker Mobile App) is currently only available on the App store of the Google App store so you will require an iPhone or an Android phone.The Associated Press, oct 27, top Technology Stories, latest Technology Headlines 1h ago.Trax is a real time tracker which comes with a built in SIM card that has two years of free data and data roaming on it, after two years of use a small rolling annual fee is required to keep it running.