McQueen decides to reverse back to help The King cross the finish line in order to retire with dignity.
Mater : "I get.
In response, Sally and the others joined him in London, Sheriff and Sarge departing their company to consult respectively with Scotland Yard and the British Military to find Mater.Smokey tells McQueen that he never heard from Doc after he moved to Radiator Springs, but one day he started getting letters from him.Then, Lightning tells him what he learned, and Mater goes to the palace and forces Miles to deactivate the bomb.New paint job cooks crock pot rebate on hood of Lightning McQueen But competing against the fastest cars in the world tests more than his racing skills when Lightning realizes his wide-eyed best friend may not be the pit chief nor ambassador he needs to navigate the unfamiliar international.Mack arrives too and apologizes for losing him.On the final lap of the race, McQueen blew both of his rear tires.McQueen then decides to establish his racing headquarters in Radiator Springs, putting the town back on the map.Contents show, appearance, red race car, with yellow and orange stickers all over, Rust-eze logo painted on his hood, number 95 painted in orange or red on his doors and roof, red rims, blue eyes.The Italian word "saetta" means "flash of lightning." His Swedish name is Blixten McQueen.
Four months later, McQueen has recovered and is back in Radiator Springs.
Doc sends Sheriff away and advises McQueen on making the turn.
McQueen has decided to help the town by being their customer: he buys a set of whitewall tires from Luigi and Guido, Fillmore 's organic fuel, a set of night-vision goggles from Sarge, some bumper stickers from Lizzie and finally a custom paint job from.He strives to be the best at what he does as evidenced when he tries to make a proper turn on dirt.Now a permanent resident of Radiator Springs, Lightning has become a bona fide worldwide celebrity as winner of four Piston Cups.The Czech word "blesk" means "lightning".He returns as the protagonist.After sending Mater off to get his usual drink (which Mater did not know the couple notice a crowd gather inside the bar.When McQueen wakes up he notices that Mack is gone, and tries to follow him only to lose him in the process, and after a turn of events including almost being hit by a train and running into a grumpy Peterbilt, ends up in, radiator.After McQueen returns to the town, multiple tractors come stampeding.McQueen did not allow Mack to have any rest and Mack dozed off on the highway.Storm rams her into the wall but she uses Doc's flipping move to escape and take the lead.

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The champion is a monster school bus named Miss Fritter.
At the end, Lightning, Mater, and Sally decide to take a celebratory trip across the country.