Rewards: 9, contents, objectives, use the Barbed Fleshook to dismount and kill 4 Thundermar Gryphon Riders.
3 Lehetség közül is választhatsz ha egyet kijelölsz: Show as experience bar: A xp bar fölött egy másik cskon mutatja a hírnevet.
Ha egy rivális frakció pár közül valamelyiknél hírnevet szerzel az ellenfelénél többet vesztesz.Outland Cenarion Expedition Doing quests at Evergrove or Cenarion Refuge, and running any of the Coilfang Reservoir instances.Kill a few Thundermar gryphon riders and I'll believe your Horde is as mighty as you say.It will decrease your reputation with the reward of kindness Booty Bay, Everlook, Gadgetzan, and Ratchet.Total War, level 84, requires Level 84, world quest.Dragonmaw Clan Reputation Guide!Sha'tari Skyguard Doing quests at Skettis and Ogri'la, killing mobs at Skettis.
Discounted sale of various foods.
Quest and reputation rewards.
Discounted purchases from Goblin vendors at Honored.This is another simple daily quest.For california themed gifts example, killing Gelkis centaurs will increase your reputation with the Magram, but will also decrease it with the Gelkis.Provided item: Description, a single Dragonmaw drake is worth a dozen Wildhammer gryphon-riders.Drag 'em Down, level: 84 (Requires 84 narkrall Rakeclaw.The Aldor and The Scryers are at odds; you cannot gain faction for both simultaneously.Several rewards including Nether Ray mount.Lowers your reputation with Ravenholdt.Hunt gryphon riders flying over the river north.