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Qualcomm proved that bus shelters videos can go viral, Pepsi is now on that bus with their latest video the Unbelievable Bus Shelter.
To celebrate the final movie this year they have now released The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made in October which has already overtaken the original in views with.1M.
According to Prywes, Offering value and utility to your targets with experiential marketing, like Pepsi Max does here.
Its highly broadcast-able, but its so personal because of the calling-out aspect.When users freely share content within their social networks a campaign is often considered to have gone viral The viral aspect refers to the way viruses spread between people.Aussie Builders: Aussie Builders: 2,378,540 Views, 71,747 Shares,.0 Share Rate.It really gained traction, however, 10 days ago when friends and family of the former Boston College baseball player used it to raise awareness about his plight.Theres a young man cut down in the prime of his life, with a disease associated with another, more famous baseball player.Red Bull Space Jump October 2012.What a waste of energy.Advertisers should take the time they need to establish their narrative and make an emotional connection with the viewer.Spies Travels, do it for Denmark!People also share for this spot to earn credit, to show off their expertise and stake their claim in the ground that they are an early adopter and tech master).
Three UK #DancePonyDance February 2013, threes advert featuring a moonwalking pony became an instant hilton honors codes promotions viral hit amassing a whopping.7M views to date.
Dove Real Beauty Sketches April 2013.Probably one of the most deserving of a place in this list has to be the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, every celebrity worth talking about got involved as did the public all around the world.Female empowerment in the cultural zeitgeist.The official video has had nearly 60M views to date.This Durex ad leverages the social motivations of Reaction Seeking, Social Good and Zeitgeist.The Mission Highlights video alone on Red Bulls channel has over.4M views.Volvo Trucks the Epic Split November 2013.Maybe youve even seen a Kennedy.Air New Zealand an Expected Briefing October 2012.