A detailed information sheet filled with facts about the geography of your property.
Packages does itunes accept american express gift cards on this particular web site since 1999 so we are well tried and tested over some years.Both registration and sign in support using google and facebook accounts.We know that for certain: Firstly we have had it checked out by some very senior space law experts to humorous birthday gifts make sure.Discover more in the detailed geographic report which explains the amazing features near your moon property.The most common citizen material is metal.Hi David, Just a quick note to say thanks for sending me my CraterKit so quickly.You can acquire land on the moon without having to break the bank or inherit a fortune from your spinster aunt!So hurry, or you will miss out on this unique gift opportunity to own property on the moon now.How can we put a value on this chance to be part of the next big step in mankind's journey through the Cosmos?Whether it's in the Sea of Tranquility, where men from our planet landed on the moon for the first time in the Apollo 11 mission back in 1969, or the romantic-sound Lake of Dreams, the peaceful and beautiful Sea of Serenity or the Taurus Mountains.So it could be a case of "Here Today.
Meanwhile, the moon is there, government discount universal studios up in the sky above you, nearly every night.
To them, California and the west were of almost mythic proportions the stuff that dreams were made of!
If you are seeing this page, we could still have some moon property left.But you don't need millions to buy your own lunar land claim.My certificate is going to be firmly placed above my mantelpiece and I'll show it off to the world! .This is the key to complete bragging rights with all my friends as I take advantage of my lofty position as the owner of moon property. .Etsy may send you communications; you may change your preferences in your account settings.Right now, buying an acre on the moon might seem like a vain pursuit.

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