precision gladius 308 win

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679.00 625.4 328.00 319.View full testimonial, george, The rifles you built for us exceed everything we asked for.A huge thanks to George and his crew - for building me my dream rifle.It was worth the time, this rifle is accurate enough to shot the bollocks off a gnat.These are 3 shot groups,.250" and.390"shot consecutively, with two completely different types of ammunition.I buy d I buy them from George Gardner and his outstanding team.Clinically Proven, creating top Profession Rifles since 1999.
I get asked all the time why I like ere is the obvious: they are made like a tank and run smooth as glass.View full testimonial, george, Here is a picture of two recent targets shot with my Crusader."Passion, Innovation, Tradition set up in 1945, the Zoli brand is one of Italys best-kept secrets.Sind Sie mit der Nutzung von Cookies einverstanden?3213.95 2999.7 1199.00 1090.