Aunt Ella tells her that when she makes up for the wrongs she did, she'll be able to sing again.
As she heads out on stage, a strong wind blows and takes her voice - her gift - away with.
Bobbie goes back home to Aunt Ella, and says she's lost her voice.Meanwhile, in Heaven, the gift is dancing and twirling around the angels, who have never seen that happen before.She tells Bobbie that her heart is empty, but when it is full, Bobbie will sing from her heart.But sudden wealth and fame so overwhelm he (more the Gift Trailer 00:31 The trailer for Pure Country 2: The Gift.See All (20) taglines: Fame led her away.Halfway through the song, the angels send the gift hurtling back to her.Billboard Top Country Albums.S.
Suddenly thrust into the bright lights and big stages of country music stardom, Bobbie loses not just her wa (more the Gift Featurette - Inside Look 01:25 Inside look featurette for Pure Country 2: The Gift quickly covers the gist behind the story).
Katrina Elam, including "Dream Big" which was also released as a single in 2010.
She runs from the stage.Bobbie visits expert after expert to try to get her voice back.She arranges a charity performance to support purechat coupon code a horse-therapy group.She has, sadly, broken the third rule - never break a promise.The experts all agree that she will never sing again.It follows 1992's, pure Country and stars country music artist.The Gift Feature Trailer 02:32 Feature trailer for Pure Country.The silver, concho belt.Contents, bobbie katrina Elam ) has a naturally beautiful voice and leaves her small town for Nashville, hoping to become a singing superstar.

After exchanging harsh words, Bobbie tells him she hates him, wishes she'd never met him, and tells him to get out.
Shortly after, Aunt Ella passes away.