In the past, many telecoms charged customers a fee for paper bills.
If you visit this burger joint after August, you'll likely be offered a biodegradable paper straw with your drink.An industry expert says it's more likely that the restaurant killed the grilled cheese because it didn't sell.The ride-hailing microsoft office for mac promo code services can now pick up and drop off passengers at Toronto's Pearson International Airport as part of a new pilot project.Canada's largest gift barn cape cod airport now allows Uber and Lyft.The fast-food giant said it retired the sandwich to make way for healthier options, but the arguably unhealthier cheeseburger is still on the Happy Meal menu.There's a new platform called Ampli for those who bank with RBC and fly with WestJet.Koodo customer Tiffany Moore in Kitchener, Ont., has a learning disability and finds it easier to receive her phone bill by mail, a service Koodo is no longer providing.
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Get the, marketplace newsletter every Friday.Our TV season has wrapped until the fall.McDonald's Canada has done away with the grilled cheese option for its Happy Meals, but kept the less healthy cheeseburger.Cookies, we use cookies to ensure we give you the best experience on our website."Can't wait to try a burger from the place that decided pancakes were too hard.

The new loyalty platform comes months after one of WestJet's biggest rivals, Air Canada, announced it is pulling out of Aimia Inc.'s Aeroplan program to build its own loyalty system.
This week in recalls, this snowblower has a loose pulley bolt that could keep the unit in drive; this children's garment could be a choking hazard; these canopies could pose an injury hazard; the batteries in these video monitors could overheat and pose a burn.
Koodo argues that doesn't mean telecoms are obliged to offer paper billing.