That's his game, and sometimes it doesn't work.
They've proven over the carrier oil gift set past month and a half that they have what it takes, but it takes the same effort, intent, and focus for every minute they are on the floor.
You find out a lot about people, in my opinion, in adversity, Donovan said.
No one said anything when Westbrook essentially did the same in Game 5 against the Spurs, hitting tough pull-up after tough pull-up.The major focus for the Thunder coming out of the loss to the Sacramento Kings was in pick and roll defense, where repeatedly Kings forwards and centers rolled towards the rim and were able to finish at the bucket.Re-watch those 3s they were making in the 4th quarter of Game.Vincent Hunter led the scoring with 16 points, Daniel Hamilton led in assists with 7 assists, and Vincent Hunter led by grabbing 10 rebounds.Further update on Abrines will be provided on Wednesday at practice.You have to be able to make those decisions very quickly, so you try and create those situations in practice and work on them.There's Steven Adams, who has always been endearing to Thunder fans, but has used this postseason to transform into one of the most dominant two-way centers in the NBA.
Guards manipulated screens and found openings for shots and passes, and the Thunder didnt play with enough force or precision to get stops.
That's before you even get into his defense, which has been better than anyone could have predicted.After all, most experts didn't even have them getting past the second round.And here he is again, going toe-to-toe with the NBA Coach of the Year, countering with his own version of the Death Lineup, which has added an entirely new wrinkle that keeps the Thunder alive to fight for a Game.Patrick Patterson spent extra time with an assistant coach working on his shooting stroke, and Hamidou Diallo and Terrance Ferguson were the last two players on the floor on Tuesday, sweating through their practice jerseys.Shaun Livingston in the post, which is just about impossible, and has had no fear covering Thompson and Curry and made them earn everything they've gotten.

If you strip away all other context, that's really not so bad of a place to be in for the Thunder.
Russell Westbrook and, kevin Durant taking turns forcing the action and unable to hold.